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The best way to attract attention to information is the LED outdoor advertising. The company ECHDI was one of the first in Russia to begin production of running lines, scoreboards and video signs, and later on the basis of running lines it developed a full-color module 320x160 mm with a pixel pitch P20, then - P13, P16, P10. To date, 9592 video outlets, media outlets, running lines have been produced, which successfully and smoothly work in different regions of Russia and the CIS. Our customers become our partners.

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Benefits of cooperation

The company ECHDI is a leader in the production of full-color video outlets, media outlets of absolutely any size and configuration at the best prices in Russia. We help to increase sales and attract customers, jointly develop selling videos and other content. The company has developed a "facial" maintenance of running lines, using magnets as a fastener modules. We have developed a frame of modules with drainage channels, thereby simplified service. Since 2010, our company, together with the plant Huidu, has been actively developing and promoting software for monochrome running lines, display boards and full-color video signboards in Russia.

How to become our client

Call us at a single multi-channel phone 8 (495) 149-8904. Online consultation is available on the website regarding the cost of the running line in bulk and production time (usually 1-2 days). Included with the HD running line is high-quality software of its own design. Even a beginner can easily and quickly deal with it. The program resembles Word. With the help of this program on the LED board HD it is possible to display any information - graphics, animation, video.

Enterprises increasingly prefer HD LED signage to increase sales for several reasons:

  • The LED running line allocates firm from competitors.
  • The luminous animation board can be installed in various places: in the shop window, under the visor, inside the building.
  • Thanks to the power of LEDs, the sign is visible day and night at long distances. Thus, the equipment performs its work around the clock.
  • Luminous LED-display of minimum size can accommodate a vast amount of relevant and useful information.
  • The electronic running line is universal, suitable for organizations of any field of activity. LED outdoor advertising is installed in large shopping centers, banks, administrative institutions, entertainment establishments, on outdoor sports grounds.
  • LED strings HD have absorbed all the advanced technology that allows you to play any lighting effects, any animation and video.
  • On HD signs it is possible to display pictures, symbols, images, including full-color corporate logos and videos.
  • LED running line - the best solution to increase the interest of buyers. The minimum time for which the design pays for itself is less than a month.
  • High quality of our products is confirmed by the relevant foreign and Russian certificates:

Advertising LED board from EICHDI: advantages among competitors

  • We are improving production technology with each order, making improvements with all the attention to detail and the wishes of customers, so our products always stand out against the background of similar products from other manufacturers.
  • Attention! Stock! For new customers, the first program is free!
  • The HD company realizes a high-quality LED tickers cheap because it is a manufacturer. The company provides the best purchase prices for dealers.
  • HD is one of the few organizations in Moscow that provides a full spectrum of works on the manufacture of tickers: the production of components, assembly, firmware and configuration of high-quality software, installation, additional sealing of LEDs, etc.
  • We do not use outdated and unreliable BX components and the like. In HD, you can buy a LED ticker that is resistant to low temperatures and harsh weather conditions.
  • The company provides excellent service: technical support and shipment of goods 24 hours a day. LED HD marquee is promptly delivered to the customer.
  • Fast production and installation of equipment. Making a LED ticker takes 1-2 days.
  • You have the opportunity to choose the type of equipment management and coordinate it in advance with the managers. In HD, you can order and buy LED signs that are controlled via the Internet, Wi-Fi, e-mail, USB flash drive or cable. 

It's time when firms no longer make sense to buy and install conventional street light boxes. They are static, almost no one is looking at them. LED signs are their more profitable alternative. Due to the great demand, at the price of multimedia LED signs HD are already very close to the light boxes.

High brightness
Quick installation
High contrast
Solid protection

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