The summer camp" Artek"


On November 27, 2016, our specialists installed a media façade in the pioneer camp Artek, pgt.Gurzuf. The dimensions of the media facade are 23x10 m, pixel pitch R31.25x31.25.


Video presentation:

Video 1Video 2


טכני מפורט

צפיפות פיקסל 31.25x31.25 mm

גודל 1000x1000 mm

בהירות 7000 kd/m2

שקיפות 45%

רזולוציית מודול 32x32 px

משקל המסך 18.00 kg

68250 ₽/м2
לחשב פרויקטים דומי

RI "Delta"


In October 2017, in the Northern Izmailovo region, our specialists launched a media facade, which entered the top 20 largest media facades in Europe.

The media facade was installed on the tallest building of the Northern Izmailovo district, the Scientific Research Institute "Delta", which is 132 meters high. The large-scale screen area makes it an effective carrier with unique visibility. The media facade covers the western side of the tower: its area is 2499.50 sq.m. Screen pitch 25x31 mm, size - 71x34m. The screen is also visible from the windows of our office, at the address of Kaluzhskaya metro station, Butlerov Street, Business center "Fresh".

"Research Institute DELTA" is located at the intersection of traffic flows. The media facade constructed and installed by us is viewed from Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya Street, Okruzhny Proezd and Schelkovskoye Highway. It is worth noting that due to the unique design of the media facade advertising is noticeable from a far distance and from almost any angle. In addition to commercial advertising on the media facade, social videos will also be broadcast.


Video presentation:

Video 1Video 2

טכני מפורט

צפיפות פיקסל 35x25 mm

גודל 1500x250 mm

בהירות 6500 kd/m2

שקיפות 72%

רזולוציית מודול 60x7 px

משקל המסך 2.50 kg

77220 ₽/м2

המועד 90 ימים

לחשב פרויקטים דומי

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