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Outdoor advertising has become an integral life not only of megacities, but also of small settlements, federal highways and regional roads. Oversaturation of promotional offers dispels the attention of the audience, it has become difficult to distinguish one’s offer from the variety of advertising messages. Company ECHDI has developed a comprehensive solution for the most effective digital-tools of outdoor advertising that can draw the maximum amount of attention to pedestrian and car traffic.

  • Media facades are an innovative, high-tech solution, this type of outdoor advertising has unsurpassed efficiency. Due to its area, lightness, transparency and practicality, media facades are squeezing out other types of exterior structures from the market. Perfectly suited for big cities, airports and stadiums.
  • Media screens are an effective type of outdoor advertising, any sizes and shapes are possible, it stands out noticeably in over-saturated locations.  
  • Media billboards and supersites - stand out noticeably among static billboards and stretch marks due to their size, video content. A great tool for cities and towns, federal highways and regional roads.
  • Video signs - a great tool for street retail, at times increases the flow to the sales office or store.
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the equipment

Production of digital out of home

Finished LED pixels order
Electronic board order
Control system purchase
Purchase of powercoms, wires, fasteners e.t.c.

1st stage: Components order

Microprocessors order
Aluminium shells order
Power supplies purchase
Packaging components in plywood boxes
Module assembly
and further sealing
Packing electronic board with LED pixels and microprocessors

2nd stage: Assembling the parts

Hours of testing of a module
Finished board installation
Frame assembling, power supplies, controllers installation and wires switching
Delivery and installation

3nd stage: Delivery and installation

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How to choose a digital out of home?


To assess the commercial effectiveness of the installation of an outdoor video screen.

Choose a place

Coordination of conditions with the owner of the building and signing with him an agreement on long-term lease of the facade of the building.


Visit the showroom of the company or order an exit presentation to select a model. Get expert advice on the technical characteristics of the outdoor video screen and get acquainted with similar projects implemented by the company.

Commercial offer

Get the official commercial offer, photo-binding, preliminary project documentation and information on the rest of the necessary documentation, to get a passport to the advertising space, in the Department of advertising of your city.

Enter into a contract

After obtaining a passport or confidence in obtaining permits, enter into an agreement for the supply of an outdoor video screen.

The supply agreement includes:

  • Specification for outdoor video screen and the necessary additional equipment, information on delivery time,
  • Building examination,
  • Design of metal structures and electrical design, information on the manufacture and installation of metal structures, power supply and connection, installation of equipment and commissioning, information on warranty service.
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