Indoor media screens

Our company offers high-quality modern video screens for rooms with various designs, modifications and parameters. LED screens have become indispensable in many areas: sports complexes, airports and railway stations, concert, exhibition and conference halls, shopping centers and shops. Every day we install on objects from 5 to 9 LED screens for rooms of different sizes and resolutions in all cities of the Russian Federation, which is an indicator of the demand for these products, their efficiency and quick payback.

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Indoor media screens

  • Our company produces indoor constructions of different resolutions - the comfortable perception of the image depends on the distance from which information is perceived from the screen. The closer the video screen is to the person, the smaller the screen should have a pixel pitch;
  • The production technology allows you to create designs of all shapes and sizes, based on the needs of the customer;
  • The possibility of producing a LED screen according to individual specifications;
  • Low energy consumption. In conditions of good illumination of LED products, the brightness is rather low;
  • Setup and integration of screens with any control systems;
  • LED screens are complex, high-tech products, so our internal requirements for product quality at all stages of production are very high. Additionally, before sending each screen, we conduct various tests and tests;
  • In the warehouse of finished products in Moscow, screens are always in stock, which allows our company to deliver to customers up to 2 days;
  • All products are provided with warranty and service.
  • The ability to connect to various platforms that will automatically provide all the necessary information about the screen to potential advertisers, speed up sales of airtime, and show statistics on broadcasts.
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indoor media screens application area

Сдача рекламного места Сдача рекламного места
Коммерческая реклама Коммерческая реклама
Городская система визуального оповещения Городская система визуального оповещения
Украшение и эксклюзивность архитектуры Украшение и эксклюзивность архитектуры
Привлечение арендаторов Привлечение арендаторов
Достопримечательность вашего города Достопримечательность вашего города
Трансляция мероприятий Трансляция мероприятий

indoor media screens production

Finished LED pixels order
Electronic board order
Control system purchase
Purchase of powercoms, wires, fasteners e.t.c.

1st stage: Components order

Microprocessors order
Aluminium shells order
Power supplies purchase
Packaging components in plywood boxes
Module assembly
and further sealing
Packing electronic board with LED pixels and microprocessors

2nd stage: Assembling the parts

Hours of testing of a module
Finished board installation
Frame assembling, power supplies, controllers installation and wires switching
Delivery and installation

3nd stage: Delivery and installation

Catalog indoor media screens

Pixel pitch

HD-QIMS Р2.5 mm 800 кд/м2 HD-QIMS Р2.5 mm 800 кд/м2
  • Шаг пикселя: 2.5 мм
  • Размер: 320x160 мм
  • Яркость: 800 кд/м2
  • Разрешение модуля: 128x64 px
  • Вес экрана: 45.00 кг
250470 ₽/м2

217800 ₽/м2

HD-CIMS Р3 mm 800 кд/м2 HD-CIMS Р3 mm 800 кд/м2
  • Шаг пикселя: 3 мм
  • Размер: 192x192 мм
  • Яркость: 800 кд/м2
  • Разрешение модуля: 64x64 px
  • Вес экрана: 25.00 кг
150965.1 ₽/м2

131274 ₽/м2

D-481-P4.81-SMD арендный 800 кд/м2 D-481-P4.81-SMD арендный 800 кд/м2
  • Шаг пикселя: 4.81 мм
  • Размер: 500x250 мм
  • Яркость: 800 кд/м2
  • Разрешение модуля: 104x52 px
  • Вес экрана: 20.00 кг
107778 ₽/м2

93720 ₽/м2

HD-CGMS Р10 mm 800 кд/м2 HD-CGMS Р10 mm 800 кд/м2
  • Шаг пикселя: 10 мм
  • Размер: 320x160 мм
  • Яркость: 800 кд/м2
  • Разрешение модуля: 32x16 px
  • Вес экрана: 26.00 кг
62238 ₽/м2

54120 ₽/м2


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Workflow and deadlines до 100 кв.м. / до 300 кв.м.

Approval of the final size of the media screen and product type

1 days

Placement of production orders

1-2 days

Production of steel metal shield or cabinet manufacture

1 days

Equipment testing

1 days

Delivery, installation, commissioning, installation of panel board equipment and cable laying

1 days

Delivery of documentation, signing acts

1 days

The project implementation period from the moment of signing the contract to the installation of a video screen for a room of up to 100 square meters

1 - 7 days

Все работы по производству indoor media screens, изготовление и монтажу металлоконструкции происходят параллельно.

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      • IP rating
      • Viewing angle
      • Temperature mode
      • LED lifetime>100 000
      • Screen area m2
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