Media facades

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Media facades

Due to large area, bright and dynamic submission of the advertising information as well as workability, innovative media screens confidently drive out the advertising market regular static banners and billboards. More and more advertisers give their preferences to this high-end type of outdoor advertising. Video ads draw dozens of times more attraction, moreover, the possibility of playing several different ads simultaneously one after other on media facade (form 5 to 10 average) makes this business super profitable.

  • Light weight and air transparency make this kind of media screen practical;
  • High transparency grade while turned off guarantees the buildings to keep the initial look. If media screen is installed оn а building's facade with windows it will not interrupt the light transmission inside;
  • Media facade does not harm health and does not interfere the devices in nearby areas;
  • Media facades produced Ьу EYCHDI satisfy norms of federal legislation N0712-PP "About Rules of validation the installation and exploitation of the media structures" making You passing quickly the process of legal approval of placing media screen оп а building's facade and get yourself оn the local media facades dislocation list;
  • Easy conent replacement is а major advantage: in order to replace commercials is enough to download а new file instead of creating, printing and hanging а new banner оп а surface which all typically cause money and time leaks;
  • Today media facades are considered as а profitaЫe money investment and а passive income. Average investments payback is about 3-8 mo. if fullcommercial time load provided;
  • The connection possibility to different platforms automatically provides all the information about display needed to the potential advertisers, which causes increase in sales of airtime and show the broadcast statistics.
Light weight (from 13kg/ m2)
Super bright content
Air and light transparency
Quick installation

Application area of media facades

Delivery of advertising space Delivery of advertising space
Commercial advertising Commercial advertising
City visual alert system City visual alert system
Architecture exlusiveness and decoration Architecture exlusiveness and decoration
Attracting tenants Attracting tenants
Attracting tenants Attracting tenants
Sport events broadcast Sport events broadcast

Production of media facades

Finished LED pixels order
Electronic board order
Control system purchase
Purchase of powercoms, wires, fasteners e.t.c.

1st stage: Components order

Microprocessors order
Aluminium shells order
Power supplies purchase
Packaging components in plywood boxes
Module assembly
and further sealing
Packing electronic board with LED pixels and microprocessors

2nd stage: Assembling the parts

Hours of testing of a module
Finished board installation
Frame assembling, power supplies, controllers installation and wires switching
Delivery and installation

3nd stage: Delivery and installation

Catalog Media facades

Pixel pitch

HD-M-160D-P16 х 16 mm 7000 кд/м2 HD-M-160D-P16 х 16 mm 7000 cd/m2
  • Pixel pitch: 16x16 mm
  • Size: 1024x1024 mm
  • Brightness: 7000 cd/m2
  • Transparency: 10%
  • Module resolution: 64x64 px
  • Screen weight: 25.00 kg
USD 1577 $/m2

1200 $/m2

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HD-G16-32 6000 кд/м2 HD-G16-32 6000 cd/m2
  • Pixel pitch: 16x32 mm
  • Size: 1024x1024 mm
  • Brightness: 6000 cd/m2
  • Transparency: 67%
  • Module resolution: 32x64 px
  • Screen weight: 13.00 kg
USD 1997 $/m2

1520 $/m2

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HD-M-310D-P31.25 х 31.25 mm 7000 кд/м2 HD-M-310D-P31.25 х 31.25 mm 7000 cd/m2
  • Pixel pitch: 31.25x31.25 mm
  • Size: 1000x1000 mm
  • Brightness: 7000 cd/m2
  • Transparency: 45%
  • Module resolution: 32x32 px
  • Screen weight: 18.00 kg
USD 1380 $/m2

1050 $/m2

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HD-XL-P16 x 33 mm 7000 кд/м2 HD-XL-P16 x 33 mm 7000 cd/m2
  • Pixel pitch: 16x33 mm
  • Size: 500x1000 mm
  • Brightness: 7000 cd/m2
  • Transparency: 72%
  • Module resolution: 15x60 px
  • Screen weight: 12.00 kg
USD 1774 $/m2

1350 $/m2

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Workflow and deadlines

Conducting research and development project KMD and EO

5-15 days

Final project approval

1-5 days

Order placement for production of a media facade for manufacture

15-28 days

Equipment testing

2-6 days

Sending by a logistics company

7-22 days

Manufacturing and painting of metal structures and fasteners

5-10 days

Metal structures delivery and prepairing for installation

2-4 days

Metal structures installation

10-20 days

Installation of panel board equipment and cable laying

5-10 days

Installation of media facade frames

5-9 days

Commissioning of media facade

1-2 days

Delivery of as-built documentation and signatures

1-5 days


Terms of signing the contract and installation of media facades up to 300 sq.m.

45 - 65 days

All work of the production of media facades , manufacturing and installation of metal structures take place in parallel.

How to choose a media facades


To assess the commercial effectiveness of the installation of media facades.

Choose a place

Coordination of conditions with the owner of the building and signing with him an agreement on long-term lease of the facade of the building.


Visit the showroom of the company or order an exit presentation to select a model. Get expert advice on the technical characteristics of the media facade and get acquainted with similar projects implemented by the company.

Commercial offer

Get an official commercial offer, photo-binding, preliminary project documentation and information on the rest of the necessary documentation to get a passport for an advertising space in the Advertisement Department of your city.

Enter into a contract

After obtaining a passport or confidence in obtaining permits, enter into an agreement for the supply of media facades.

The supply agreement includes:

  • The specification on the media facade and the necessary additional equipment, information on the delivery time of the media facade,
  • Building examination,
  • Design of steel structures and electrical design, information on the manufacture and installation of steel structures, electrical connections and wiring, equipment installation and commissioning, information on warranty service.
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