"Rostov-Arena" stadium


On September 20, 2017, the specialists of our company completed the installation and connection of four screens: two screens inside the stadium, a media facade on the outer facade of the stadium and a stele in the parking lot at the Rostov Arena stadium - the 45,000th stadium where the World Cup matches will take place -2018 football.

The media facade on the building of the stadium is 27x15 m, the distance between the diodes is 16mm.

Thanks to our screens, all visitors to the 2018 World Championship will be able to see the best moments of matches in perfect quality.


Video presentation:

Video 1Video 2Video 3Video 4


Pixel pitch 16x16 mm

Size 1024x1024 mm

Brightness 7000 cd/m2

Transparency 10%

Module resolution 64x64 px

Screen weight 25.00 kg

1200 $
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Video presentation:

Video 1

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