Novo-Sadovaya street 106


At the beginning of February 2018, we launched the very first media façade in Samara on ul. Novo-Sadovaya 106, media facades with a total area of 264 sq.m. with a pixel pitch of 31.25 mm and a screen size of 12x22 m. The media facade is located at the end of the building of the Zakhar Trading House, in the direction of ul. Lesnaya and st. Field. In advance, the Customer sold most of the airtime on the media facade and on the first day of launch, the media facade began to make a profit. The customer was very pleased with the installation speed of the media facade, image quality and brightness.


Video presentation:

Video 1Video 2



Pixel pitch 31.25x31.25 mm

Size 1000x1000 mm

Brightness 7000 cd/m2

Transparency 45%

Module resolution 32x32 px

Screen weight 18.00 kg

1050 $
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RIA "Russia Today"


The project was mounted in the center of Moscow at the address: Zubovsky Boulevard, Building 4. LED screen with a total area of 463.33 sq.m.

Screen Specifications:

pixel pitch P10;
size 44x10 m;
brightness 6000 candel.

The screen was assembled from cabinets measuring 960x960 mm, 506 cabinets in total were involved.


Video presentation:

Video 1


Pixel pitch 8 mm

Size 320x160 mm

Brightness 6000 cd/m2

Module resolution 40x20 px

Screen weight 25.90 kg

928 $

term 16 days

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