"Rio" mall


The employees of the Company “ECHDI” LLC carried out the installation of the media façade in the shortest possible time, despite the weather conditions: torrential rain, strong piercing wind. The media facade was installed at the “RIO” shopping mall in the city of Yaroslavl with a pixel pitch of P16х33, total square 120 m2, size 20х6 meters. Since the media facade was installed on the roof of the building, it was decided to stitch the structure from the back and sides with a composite in order to achieve a better readability and brightness of the media facade (the composite played the role of a dark substrate). In addition to weather conditions, there were also difficulties with the fact that the roof of the roof was covered with a very soft coating and it was necessary to boil metal at the place and clean the joints almost on weight in order to avoid damage to the roof of the roof! Despite all the difficulties, the installation was completed in 2 weeks. The customer was satisfied and thanked those who participated in the implementation of this facility personally.


Video presentation:

Video 1



Pixel pitch 16x33 mm

Size 500x1000 mm

Brightness 7000 cd/m2

Transparency 72%

Module resolution 15x60 px

Screen weight 12.00 kg

1350 $
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RIA "Russia Today"


The project was mounted in the center of Moscow at the address: Zubovsky Boulevard, Building 4. LED screen with a total area of 463.33 sq.m.

Screen Specifications:

pixel pitch P10;
size 44x10 m;
brightness 6000 candel.

The screen was assembled from cabinets measuring 960x960 mm, 506 cabinets in total were involved.


Video presentation:

Video 1


Pixel pitch 8 mm

Size 320x160 mm

Brightness 6000 cd/m2

Module resolution 40x20 px

Screen weight 25.90 kg

928 $

term 16 days

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