Shopping center "Metropolis"


Large shopping centers, one of which is Metropolis, are increasingly crowding out small shops. The large surface area of ​​the building attracts attention with a media facade installed on it. The company "ECHDI" installed on the facade of this shopping center 2 video screens of radial shape.
Each of the screens is at a different height, so for their installation, special equipment is needed, which is used in such public places. To protect passersby from the construction site, all work was carried out at night.
For the change of content on the screens there is a special software that allows you to control the image even from a regular smartphone. Due to the small pixel pitch, the picture is of high quality, and the rounded shape of the media facade adds “zest” to the building.


Media Facade Settings

  • Screen size - 63x1 m and 56x1 m
  • Pixel pitch - P3 mm.

After installing the media facade at the shopping center, the building began to sparkle with new colors. The screen attracts the attention of passers-by and passing cars, regardless of the time of day. We guarantee high quality and durability of the video screens made by us.

Video presentation:

Video 1Video 2




Pixel pitch 3 mm

Size 192x192 mm

Brightness 800 cd/m2

Module resolution 64x64 px

Screen weight 25.00 kg

1729 $
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Video presentation:

Video 1

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