The fast food chain "Burger King"


Operational work is one of the advantages of ECHDI. The proof of this is the video screen installed in 2019 for one of the Moscow catering establishments of the Burger King network. Since the order was urgent, our masters carried out the installation in one night. If necessary, our employees outweighed the same installation a little higher.
Our video screens have good quality indicators, so the image is always viewed at a fairly large distance.
A couple of screens decorated the windows of restaurants in Irkutsk and Moscow, each of which has a bright and colorful advertising field. Content management is carried out remotely using special software.


Screen options

  • Pixel pitch 4 mm.
  • Size 2960x3040 mm
  • Brightness 800 cd / m2.
  • Screen weight 32 kg.

Since the company carries out turnkey orders, if necessary, as was the case with the Burger King restaurant, we can move our equipment to another location.


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Video 1



    Технические характеристики

    Pixel pitch 4 mm

    Size 256x128 mm

    Brightness 800 cd/m2

    Module resolution 64x32 px

    Screen weight 32.00 kg

    1299 $
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    Видео презентация:

    Video 1

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