The retail chain "Rive Gauche"


The retail chain "RIVE GAUCHE" (Moscow)
HDLT specialists implemented the flagship of the new RIV GOSH store format.
The new store has 23 LED surfaces, 20 screens with a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm, columns and screens around the store’s perimeter, and 3 large screens with a pitch of 3 mm were installed in the cash register area.
Our engineers literally around the clock worked at the facility. The work "turnkey" was completed in just 3 weeks.
The new flagship has gained a very modern look. Multimedia has to new purchases, as well as you will always be aware of new acquisitions and promotions. The store is located on the first floor of the main atrium, one of the most popular shopping centers in the capital, Afimall City.
The project emphasizes the great professionalism of HDLT and is a recommendation for future customers of our company.
Thanks to RIVE GAUCHE company for their confidence!


Video presentation:

Video 1Video 2




Pixel pitch 3 mm

Size 192x192 mm

Brightness 800 cd/m2

Module resolution 64x64 px

Screen weight 25.00 kg

1707 $
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The main square of Stavropol


On the main square of Stavropol, the company ECHDI installed two street video screens. with pixel pitch P8.

The size of one screen is 12480 × 8640 mm, the resolution is 1560 × 1080 pixels. The screen size is 960x960 mm.


Video presentation:

Video 1


Pixel pitch 8 mm

Size 320x160 mm

Brightness 6000 cd/m2

Module resolution 40x20 px

Screen weight 25.90 kg

928 $
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