The retail chain "Alyonka"


Our specialists installed a video screen for the Alyonka store in the Mega mall, Ekaterinburg. The video screen has a size of 10.75x0.77 m, pixel pitch P3mm.

The EICHDI team has implemented a challenging and interesting project for the largest confectionery company in Eastern Europe, United Confectioners Holding, which includes 19 confectioneries across the country, including the legendary Red October, Babaevsky Confectionery Concern, ROT FRONT "and others.

Implementing the project, we needed to install video screens in non-standard metal structures. To solve this complexity, the modules for the video screen were bent under a certain radius (in this case, under the oval "Islands" in the shopping center) even at the factory. Also, the complexity of installation consisted in cooling the video screens: our company specialists installed a powerful cooling system and a protective additional layer of plating with penofol to ensure that confectionery products standing in the immediate vicinity of the LED screens would not melt and not lose their presentable appearance.

Video presentation:

Video 1


Pixel pitch 3 mm

Size 192x192 mm

Brightness 800 cd/m2

Module resolution 64x64 px

Screen weight 25.00 kg

1707 $
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RIA "Russia Today"


The project was mounted in the center of Moscow at the address: Zubovsky Boulevard, Building 4. LED screen with a total area of 463.33 sq.m.

Screen Specifications:

pixel pitch P10;
size 44x10 m;
brightness 6000 candel.

The screen was assembled from cabinets measuring 960x960 mm, 506 cabinets in total were involved.


Video presentation:

Video 1


Pixel pitch 8 mm

Size 320x160 mm

Brightness 6000 cd/m2

Module resolution 40x20 px

Screen weight 25.90 kg

928 $

term 16 days

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