The retail chain "Adidas"


Representatives of the largest German industrial concern specializing in the production of sports footwear, clothing and equipment - ADIDAS for renting a video screen for a room turned to our company. The video screen was supposed to be installed at st. Aircraft designer Mikoyan, 10, 3 floor, in the window of the shop "Adidas sport performance". Considering the requirements, we offered a screen size of 2.5m x 3m. pixel pitch P4,81 and brightness 1500kd. Installation was carried out quickly, without complications. The customer was satisfied with the rented video screen after a month of operation, as a result of which he extended the lease by moving the object to Leningradskoe Highway, 16A, p.4, Metropolis shopping center, Adidas performance store, 2nd floor. After making some changes in the size of the screens: it was decided to change the video screen to an object with the characteristics of 1.5x3 m.



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    Технические характеристики

    Pixel pitch 4.81 mm

    Size 500x250 mm

    Brightness 800 cd/m2

    Module resolution 104x52 px

    Screen weight 23.00 kg

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