"Stadium Kaliningrad" stadium


The first ever FIFA World Cup in Russia was held from June 14 to July 15, 2018 in 11 cities, including Kaliningrad. At the 35-thousand stadium four matches of the group stage of the World Cup were held.

08.08.2017 The specialists of our company completed the installation and connection of a media facade with a size of 27x15 m, with a pitch P16mm. Thanks to our screens, all visitors to the 2018 World Championship will be able to see the best moments of matches in perfect quality.



Video presentation:

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Pixel pitch 16x16 mm

Size 1024x1024 mm

Brightness 7000 cd/m2

Transparency 10%

Module resolution 64x64 px

Screen weight 25.00 kg

1200 $
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Video presentation:

Video 1

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