HD LED TECH in numbers

successfully compteted

2450 м2

The largest
media facade

3 Stadiums

Stadiums equipped
for 2018 FIFA World Cup


Filial branches
in Russia and CIS


at the head office

Advertising and informational LED HD LED screens and panels

Medi facades

The main company's specialization is manufacturing, installation and legalization of media facades.

Media facade - is a large area media construction proving high advertising efficiency. It consists of light and energy saving frames made of quality materials.

The frames form LED media surface attached on the building's walls. The surface becomes an output source of broadcasting advertising matrials, clips and images. 

Light weight
(from 13kg/ m2)
Super bright
Air and light
Quick installation
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Outdoor media screens

Outdoor media screens are used for goods and services promotion, moreover spreading sales, actions and events information.

Outdoor media screens are made of LED modules. The video output is controlled by central screen controller. This device allows to plug in different information sources and to supervise the content with ease.

Free form
High brightness
Solid protection
High contrast
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Indoor media screens

Indoor media screens as well as the large seamless videowalls based on them used to be the next offer of HDLT, the leading LED equipment supplier in the world.

Internationally certified quality of our products, the manufacturer's price, high level of technical service and support, quick repair - that's the minimal base offer HDLT can guarantee.

resolution UHD
High contrast
Free form
Low energy
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